L’Arche Adelaide’s Community Weekend in January

Our Community Weekend is coming up soon! It’s a weekend of fellowship, discussion, creativity, worship, fun and games, and great food! When: Saturday 21st (9am – 9pm) & Sunday 22nd January (9:30am – 2:30pm). You are welcome to come for either part or all of the weekend. Where: Highgate Park Chapel, 103 Fisher St, Fullarton. What to bring: Donation of food or money to cover the cost of meals. Want more information: Contact Trevor on 0403 711 653 or email

L’Arche Adelaide’s Christmas Gathering

You’re invited to our Christmas Service at 10am on Sunday 4th December at Highgate Park Chapel (in the grounds of Highgate Park Disability Services,103 Fisher St, Fullarton). If you are able to arrive a little early (anytime from 9:15am) to greet residents and sign the Christmas cards we’ll be giving to residents, that would be great! There will be a shared brunch in the Chapel starting at 11am. Please bring a savoury or sweet dish to share. We aim to finish by 2pm at the latest. If you can’t come to the service, please feel free to come at 11am […]

Celebrating L’Arche International Family Day

L’Arche Adelaide will be celebrating L’Arche International Family Day on Sunday 2nd October at Highgate Park Chapel (in the grounds of Highgate Park Disability Services,103 Fisher St, Fullarton). There’s a shared lunch in the Chapel starting at 12:30pm, followed by a time of reflection and prayers, and some fun and party games. We’d love to see you there. Please feel free to bring family and friends along with you.

Share a Meal 2017!

Dear Friend, I’m writing today on behalf of L’Arche Australia to ask for your support help. We are continuing to use ‘Share a Meal’ as our main fundraising event during the month of August. We have chosen August as this is the month that L’Arche was founded in 1964 – August 4. This exciting national event will be a wonderful opportunity for those who care about inclusion and community, to gather over a meal and raise vital funds needed to provide care and support to those living with an intellectual disability. To ensure that the launch is a success we […]

Beauty in the World – Joanne Taylor

Joanne has lived at L’Arche Sydney Community for 21 years. Joanne’s biggest passion is all about animals; Pets at home, in the wild, animals at the Zoo, in the parks, animals in the water, on Earth and in the sky! Joanne: “I like taking photos. Travelling around, seeing things and then keeping a memory of it. I like also sharing my photos with others. It is a good way to start a conversation with others – showing my photos” This Project has been a great opportunity to combine Joanne’s longest passion with her new love for photography. ABOUT THE PROJECT Last year […]

Return to L’Arche – An article by Ian Brown

The article linked below tells an amazing story about L’Arche in France, of L’Arche founder Jean Vanier’s life and work over the past 50 years, and provides an ever important reminder of what is important in life. “How do we believe in the way we live if it doesn’t seem to be working? Here’s a theory: Maybe we could stop pretending that we know how to fix it. I know, for me, that might bring some peace of mind.” – An extract from Ian Brown. We hope you enjoy reading this incredible article

Reflections on the Jubilee of L’Arche International by Eileen Glass

Reflections on the Jubilee of L’Arche International In order to place the development of L’Arche in context let us begin by recalling what the world was like 50 years ago: fifty years ago the world was barely 20 years from the end of WWII and the Cold War was as entrenched as the Berlin Wall. In the western hemisphere the threat of nuclear war was ever present. At the same time there were signs of significant social, political and economic changes ahead: Pope St John XXIII had called the Second Vatican Council, material prosperity was on the rise, and colonialism […]