About Canberra

Community Leader: Maggie White
Administration Office: Rosemary O’Mally

Address: PO Box 419, Curtin ACT 2605

Phone: +61 2 6282 9066
Fax: +61 2 6282 9044

Our homes of those with disabilities and those who care for them are central to our community. We share the ups and downs of our life together within the context of our faith community.

Our community also includes a Community Leader, Community Council, Board of Directors, friends who join us in prayer or offer support, house neighbours, prayer companions and so on.

We come together each month to celebrate our community life and also join with the wider community to pray on another night. We have a time of reflection and input at our Desert Mornings once a month. We offer great hospitality and love to invite our friends to share a meal in the evenings or at the weekends.

Our History

The L’Arche community in Canberra is known as L’Arche Genesaret and was the first L’Arche community established in Australia. It had its beginnings in the early 1970s, and in April 1978 welcomed its first member at a former convent at Bungendore, a village 20 kilometres east of Canberra.

To offer better work and recreation opportunities, the community relocated to Yarralumla, in Canberra, in 1980.

It bought its own home at Chifley in 1982, and two years later, in 1984, opened a second home. A third home was established in 1986.

Today L’Arche Genesaret maintains three houses and two self-contained flats in the Canberra suburbs of Chifley and Curtin, providing accommodation for 13 people with disability. L’Arche Genesaret is also in the process of developing a range of new initiatives in response to the changes generated by the National Disability Insurance Scheme.